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Large database of potential buyers.

We've generated a massive list of leads over the years that actively buy from us. We will be sure to send them your way!

Industry Leading Technology

All photography and video is edited and enhanced through the use of an experienced team, using top of the range software and equipment. All advertising is managed in-house using popular portals and social media platforms to gain maximum exposure.

Reduced Attorney Fees

Through partnering with our preferred conveyancers Jason Freel and Associates we are able to save you in transfer costs and time.

We arrange the finance

Through the use of D and D Finance you establish better results/ financing for your home loan than sourcing finance personally. We can connect you with our parties and other leading originators to get the best interest rates.

Do you love property and people?

If you do, then this application is for you! We are looking for people to join our dynamic startup Property company and if you love both People and Property - then you are potentially who we are looking for to join us.

Please respond to the questions below and we will contact you as soon as we can. Please be patient with us as we may be going through many applications.

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